Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Rilenator Strikes Again!

I love my little Riley so much! He's such a fun little guy. His two nicknames are
'The Rilenator' and 'The Grin Wreaker' because he wreaks havoc on so many things and he smiles the whole time! It can be difficult to clean up after him sometimes, but he is truly such a joy to be around!

"Riley, that really can't be very comfortable!!"

March 3, 2009

Riley decided this was the best place to take a nap. Good thing Mom was doing TONS and TONS of laundry that day!

Apparently, his nap was a really good one! Later that afternoon I was trying to scrapbook and I thought to myself, "Wow, Carson and Riley are playing so well together! They have been quiet for such a long time," which of course every mother knows is a BAD sign! Just so you know, there are many, many cards in Apples to Apples!

This room was one of two that were victims that day . . .

. . . this would be room number two!

We decided to worry about this at another time!!

March 4, 2009

"My ducky needs a bath!"

Riley carried this ceramic ducky around all day. He had a blast giving the duck baths in this crate several times. SO CUTE!!

A week later I was trying to take a nap (another huge no-no for a mom, hello!!) when I woke up to Riley saying, "I need a paper." He repeated that a few times till I was fully awake and wondered why he would need a paper. I was a little surprised to see the ink on his neck (later that day we found lots more ink on his tummy - he'd colored down his onesie) but the couch took the cake. Thank heaven for alcohol!! The rubbing kind, of course. It took all the ink out!! Yahoo!

Yes, this is the garbage can.

Do I need to say more?

Riley vs. the Treadmill:
the Treadmill wins!
March 30, 2009

I was running on the treadmill Monday morning while Carson and Riley were playing in the basement with me. I guess Riley thought there was a toy under the treadmill and he reached underneath it and the belt sanded off the skin on his forearm. We ran to the nearest Instacare, and he cried "I need a band-aid" all the way there. So sad!