Monday, April 19, 2010

Moving Month . . . What a Trip!

The first week after we moved out of our Lehi house, we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Harris. Well, mostly. I went to Oregon with Brooklyn for 3 days to find a house to rent with Dave, so Austin stayed with Eli Lewis, Parker stayed at Zach Schaeffer's house, and Brynlee and Spencer stayed with the Cardigan's. Carson and Riley got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. But when we were all back together, we went back to Grandma's and loved visiting with them.

During the second leg of our trip, we stayed with my sister Michelle and her family. She has three year old twins, Cameron and Lance. Carson and Riley loved playing with them while the other kids had their last week at school in Utah.

Cameron and Lance!

We left Michelle's on March 20 and traveled to El Dorado Hills, California to stay with another one of my sisters, Carlene, and her family for the week. We had a really nice time there, even though Carlene wasn't feeling very well that week. Brooklyn had her first cold while we were there, and she didn't like it when I put her down. I was busy caring for her so much that we didn't take any pictures besides this one!

Aunt Carlene!

On Saturday, March 27, we drove to Medford, Oregon and stayed in a hotel for the night. On Sunday, we went to church in our new branch, the Rogue River Branch. Dave's sister, Beth, and her family were driving home from Disneyland and they stopped to go to sacrament meeting with us, and we shared a rainy picnic with them afterwards. Once again, no pictures! Sorry!

After our picnic, we drove to Grandma and Grandpa Morrison's house to stay with them for the week. On Wednesday, the boys and I went to see some wildlife at a little preserve on the coast with Grandma. The boys loved it! Brynlee was delivering the mail with Grandpa Morrison.

We stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch!