Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Day in the Park

On April 18 we had gorgeous weather so we decided to spend some time at the park. We went to a neat one called Palmerton Park. It's full of big, old trees and a river with a bridge spanning it. Brynlee and Parker wasted no time climbing one of the largest trees in the park.

Spencer was excited to join them in the tree.

Austin joins the group!

Carson had a great time with the hula-hoop - he is very good at it, just like all his older siblings.

Austin surprised me with this great pose!

Mommy loves Brooklyn!

Parker says, "Cheese!"

Riley found a bug on the way up to the slide.

Daddy gazes at Brooklyn.

We took a walk down to the river.

We had a rock skipping contest -

Who's rock went the farthest?

Austin found a great rock to skip - it's shaped like Utah!!

Let it rip!

Brynlee goes to great lengths to get a great skipping rock!
Riley gets in on the action, too!
This is the 'R' on the hill for 'Rogue River' - we live on this hill under the R.
You can see it very well from the park.

This is the bridge that spans the river.

Here's the family on the bridge!

Austin holds Brooklyn - he adores her!

On the way back to the Suburban, Brynlee found an egg filled with candy from Easter.

Dave wanted to find one, too!

Riley begged us to let him push the stroller back to the burb.

Pushing it wasn't going very well - pulling worked better for him.
He wouldn't let us help him at all!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our trip up the coast!

On April 17, our family took a trip up the Oregon Coast from Reedsport to Seaside. Our first stop was close to Heceta Head, where my favorite Lighthouse is. If you look really hard, you can almost see it between Austin and Parker's heads!

(Somebody said something mean to Spencer, I'm not sure now what it was.)

What a view!

Brynlee loves her sister!

We stopped in Newport for lunch. We found this little Chinese restaurant that turned out to be perfect for us. They served Chinese and American food so nobody in our brood went hungry. We were the only ones there besides the owner and her 4 year old daughter, who had a great time running circles around the place with Carson and Riley. The owner cracked jokes with us and complimented us over and over about our kids, she couldn't believe all 7 were ours. When we left she gave us all hugs. We had a great time!

This is the little 4 year old watching us leave.

Our next stop was in Tillamook where we bought cheese curds and ice cream cones. YUM!!!

We finally made it to Seaside where we joined up with Dave's family to surprise his brother, Matt, for his birthday. We met them in the candy store. The plan was to have a barbeque on the beach, but the weather didn't really cooperate so we came up with plan B.

Uncle Matt, cousins Jarom and Amanda, Grandma Morrison in the background.

Aunt Carda meets Brooklyn for the first time!

Austin brought his money with him and treated himself to a second ice cream cone! Brynlee didn't see why she couldn't have one, too - bummer that she left her money at home!

Apparently Carson felt the same way as Brynlee!

Riley found a trail of footprints and just had to follow them, even though they led down an alley way that only went to the garbage cans.

We substituted our BBQ for a fun dinner at Pig-n-Pancake (something like IHOP). We were quite a crowd - me, Dave, Austin, Parker, Brynlee, Spencer, Carson, Riley, Brooklyn, Uncle Matt, Aunt Carda, Jarom, Amanda, Caleb, Rachel, Uncle RJ, Aunt Megan, cousins Hunter and McKenna! We had so much fun!

After dinner, we went back to the mall and had rides on the Carousel!

Austin and Parker

Spencer and Parker

Carson and Riley

Hunter and Brynlee

Parker and Spencer


Riley wants another ride!