Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fall Birthday's with the Morrison's!

Happy Birthday, Parker!
Parker turned 13 on November 1.
He celebrated with his friends Clayton, Leif, Chase, Devon, and Grayson.
Three of them brought exactly the same gift - Zelda Windwaker for the Game Cube!
He was so excited - now when one gets scratched, he has back ups. Apparently, he told all of his friends that they should give him that game as a gift. That's Parker for you!

Happy Halloween!!!
Riley and I were Pumpkins for the school parties on Friday.

Brynlee was a princess - how appropriate!
Spencer was a Ninja!

Carson was Darth Vader!

Riley was Pac-Man for trick-or-treating!

Happy Birthday, Spencer!!
Spencer turned 9 on October 12!

Spencer celebrated his birthday with his friends Hayden, Noah, and Jayden.

Happy Birthday, Carson!!
Carson turned 5 on September 1. We had a little party for him at the park with his friends Michael and Ryan and his little brother Riley!

Carson opened presents with the family, too - he got a scooter!