Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The First Weekend in our New Home

After 4 long weeks on the road, we were finally able to move
into our new home in Rogue River, Oregon, on Saturday, April 4. PODS told us our stuff would arrive at 10 am, so the branch members came at 11:30 to help move us in. We fed them pizza while we waited for the pods, but at 12:30 they all had to leave so they could watch conference. At 2:30, PODS called back and said they wouldn't be arriving until Monday morning, so we had to be creative for a couple of days. We borrowed some sleeping bags and air mattresses from Uncle Dan, and we ran to the store to buy some frozen lasagna and whatever else could cook in its own container. Dave bought a big stock pot after the priesthood session so we could boil eggs for Easter. Good thing the Easter Bunny knew where we moved to!

Carson and Riley were visited by the Easter Bunny!

Here's our wonderful Easter dinner of frozen chicken alfredo, white bread, packaged salad, and a little bit of frozen cheesy broccoli cooked in the microwave in a 10 x 15 glass pan, all served on paper plates with plastic utensils!

We all enjoyed eating our Easter Feast on the dining room floor!

Dave and the kids had a great time playing the card game 'LIAR' on the floor!

Riley helped keep the air mattresses nice and firm!

We were so excited to see the PODS arrive on Monday morning! It had been more than a month since we had seen our things!

Our dining table was the only casualty of the move. It looks like we'll be eating on the floor a while longer!


  1. You are such a trooper. These memories will last forever with all that you had to do to get to ORegon. Love you!!

  2. Holy cow! What an adventure. The new house looks beautiful, I love the front yard!

  3. Cute house, is it all yours??

  4. What an ordeal! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

  5. I'm SO GLAD to finally catch up on your life...crazy as it was! The house is almost makes me want to move to the Northwest. Then I think about moving...and, nope!

    Miss you still. Especially when I see that cute little Brooklyn's face. Delicious! Email me your address, please. :)