Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More fun with Brooklyn in January

I was going through some clothes that we had been storing and Brookie found these. She insisted on wearing them, of course! How cute!
All bundled up and ready to play out in the cold! Maybe she should wear different shoes, though . . .
One of Brookie's favorite things to do: Put on a dress and "spin around." (She asks me to spin around every Sunday morning before church!)
Have I mentioned that Brooklyn loves shoes? She adores footwear of any kind, really. She saw Brynlee's slippers and just had to try them on!
Brynlee thought that was a great idea.
We love our girls!!!
How about an update on Brooklyn's hair?
By the end of January, she had just enough hair to hold a tiny barrette -
- and the cutest little curly ponytail ever!
Unfortu-nately, the barrette and ponytail only lasted 5 minutes. Oh well. Someday, this girl will have a full head of hair!

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